Longhaired Dachshund Breed Notes 3/5/18

The outdoor summer show season got under way last weekend but sadly not for Long or Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds. WELKS used to have CCs for both our varieties many moons ago but now only have them on offer for both sizes in Smooths & Wires. I see a couple of Miniature Longs were exhibited in the AVNSC classes under Frank Kane (Hirontower Cockers) with Peter Higgins collecting RBD with Ralines Just Jewels only being pipped to the post by the eventual Best In Show Winner Sarah Robertson’s PBGV Ch Soletrader Magic Mike. Sarah’s husband Gavin was judging Wires & must have been equally thrilled to see his BOB winner taking Hound Group Two. I hear the Malvern hillside was a trifle chilly with all judging taking place under cover, a shame when we had such glorious temperatures the week before.

The latest Kennel Club Journal gives us a few more confirmed future judges. For 2019, Howard Ogden will judge Longs (first time for this variety) at Manchester with Tom Mather judging Min Longs (first set of Dachshund CCs). Manchester will be one of the new all breed championship shows that come in next year & will join Bath, Windsor, Leeds, Darlington & LKA. At the Midland DC Andrew Whitfield-Roberts will award his first set of CCs in Min Longs, Midland Counties loses CCs for Longs (goodness knows why) & Anne Ingram will award CCs in Min Longs for the first time. Zara Boyle will judge Min Longs at the Great Joint DA. In 2020 Sue Holt will award CSs for the first time in Min Longs at the Midland DC.

At SKC (May) Longs have attracted the usual 18 dogs with Min Longs attracting 55. As usual I see Longs are getting the raw deal again being scheduled third in the ring behind Min Smooths & Min Longs. Last year at the same show it was gone 4pm before Longs got into the ring, you would think that at least breeds could be rotated if space is on the short side to be fair to everyone. Even at the August SKC show Longs are always the last breed scheduled in a ring. With the lack of Southerners venturing over the border for SKC for many reasons, the thought of always being scheduled the last breed to be judged surely doesn’t always help to the attraction.

I hear that Janet Welton of the Chelane Min Longs has been having a rough time lately health wise. We haven’t seen Janet & Husband David around for sometime now & I’m sure both would appreciate a call & a catch up with their many doggy friends. Let’s hope you are well on the way to better health now Janet & that we see you both soon at one of the forthcoming shows in the Midlands.

This weekend sees the first May Bank Holiday & with the weather forecast looking good I’m sure you will all make the most of it with your four legged friends. The Breed Council also meet this weekend for its AGM & May meeting. Once again it looks like a packed agenda & your breed clubs will be their to represent their committee & membership. I’m sure a press release will follow the meeting highlighting all that was discussed along with the outcome of the AGM.

Recently on Facebook I’ve seen lots of posts from all breed open shows asking for help in several areas to help to continue. Some Societies are extending entries closing due to poor breed entries & other Societies are actually pleading for committee members & volunteers to continue. Last year in the Midlands several all breed canine societies folded, not through lack of funds but through lack of Officers & committee members. Yet again I’ve seen another local club asking for a Secretary & help before the door will finally close. Moving forward with the new JCF scheme where breed clubs will have to support classes at all breed open show, this may help boost entries, but societies still need people to continue & not just dogs. Please give your local society some thought & support them in any way you can.

While you bask in the sunshine this weekend it’s advisable to check Fosse Data, Higham & Showdach for entries closing. They certainly seem to be coming thick & fast at the moment & if like me you leave everything to the last minute you could miss out!

Daniel Roberts


01785 664461