Longhaired Dachshunds 27/4/18

Last weekend both the Long Haired Dachshund Club & Smooth Haired DC held their first partnership championship shows at the Sports Connexion in Coventry. Both clubs had put a lot of time & hard work in getting a joint venture off the ground & the general feeling from both clubs & those who attended was that this was a positive move & a great success on the day. The Sports Hall was kept busy with both shows running well together & a lovely atmosphere prevailed throughout the day. Congratulations to both clubs on making your first move together a great success for everyone. One celebration taking place at the joint events on the day was by Manish Chauhan who very kindly had taken Simosas for all celebrating his newly crowned Smooth Ch & Am Ch Brownwood’s Bestgift V Diagram. Certainly different than cake & was very well received by all!

Anne Moore (Romanchi Wires) decided the final awards at the Long Haired Club with Cindy Dare having a dream of a day. Best In Show was Cindy’s Long Ch Swansford Lionellador Darsoms with Darsoms Zocratees taking Best Puppy In Show. Reserve Best In Show was Roy Wood‘s Min Long Ch Wildstar Wrobinson & Reserve Best Puppy In Show was Andrew Whitfield-Roberts’ Min Long Dandydayo I Am Moana. Best Veteran In Show was the Hutton Family’s Long Ch River Rumpus Through Dachalune.

Fay Hutchings (Collidach) was judging Long males for the first time & it was Lionellador’s fourth CC & BOB. Darsoms Zocratees was winning BP at his first ever show & Daniel Roberts’ Ch Swansford Kestador won the RDCC from the newly introduced Champions Class. Helen Walters (Ralines Min Longs) was judging Long Haired Bitches for the first time & her BCC was Daniel Roberts’ Ch Swansford Gemmadora with Cindy collecting the RBCC with Darsoms Zeunice. Ch River Rumpus was declared Best Veteran & all awards were agreed jointly without the need of the referee.

Maureen Poole (Findowrie Min Longs) was judging Min Long males awarding Wrobinson the DCC with Sue & Roger Roberts’ Ch Ralines Rob Roy To Denver taking the RDCC. Judy Squires (Wirehall Min Wires) was judging Min Long Bitches & it was a first BCC for Fran Mitchell’s Bronia First Impression with Roy Wood collecting the RBCC with Ch wildstar Wynnona JW. Dandydayo I Am Moana was BP & Sharon Broad’s Neertanauf Sea Magic JW ShCM was declared Best Veteran. All final awards in the breed were decided jointly without the need for the referee.

Once all the judging had taken place both clubs held their AGMs & from what I hear both went really well with little change in officers & committee. Members of the Long Haired Club were given their copy of this year’s newsletter which has been well received & once again the club plans a breed seminar & education day this year. There will also be a chance of taking the A2 assessment & exam which will be held at Calf Heath Village Hall, Wolverhampton on Sunday July 22nd. Places as you can imagine are limited & are strictly on a first come basis so in the first instance contact Secretary Annette Latham-Jackson on 01981 551191 for all the details (before 9 pm please). Both clubs will be holding their Open Shows in partnership too once again at the Sports Connexion on Saturday 8th September which is a new date for our diaries.

Last Sunday the Dachshund Club held a session on the forthcoming JCF programme & a detailed presentation was made by Jeff Horswell. The idea of this session was for Dachshund Breed Clubs & committee members to attend to have an insight on how the framework will take place in a breed that has six varieties. Most clubs were in attendance & most had previously attended previous presentations. It was refreshing to go through it all once again & given updates on where small details had been changed following the feedback & activity from the pilot breeds that are testing the scheme. One area that requires urgent attention from our breed clubs is to supply a Breed Education Co-ordinator (BEC) for our breed & at the last Dachshund Breed Council Meeting all our clubs voted for the BEC to come under the DBC umbrella instead of all the individual Dachshund Breed Clubs. The DBC meet in May where hopefully this position will get appointed. For now, societies are being told that they can’t appoint championship show judges for 2021 onwards (in fact the CC allocation has not been confirmed for 2021 yet) & to wait for further updates throughout the year. Jeff certainly gives a clear view on how we will all be moving forward & if you get the chance to attend one of the many JCF presentations that are being held around the country I highly recommend that you try to attend. I know I plan on going to a few more, it certainly helps paint a clearer picture of the future & things to come for our hobby. Just this week the Kennel Club held their first pilot sessions for ‘The Eye For a Dog’ day & I was delighted to be asked to take two Long Haired Dachshunds. Ch Warrador & Ch Gemmadora certainly did our breed proud & between them had some forty people exam them in detail throughout the day. Nine random breeds across the seven groups were on show & judges had to examine them & give a detailed critique. The day was well put together & was not only educational for the candidates but for those participating too. The day proved we can never stop learning & to attend well organised events like this can only make this easier. I’m told more pilot days are planned for later in the year.

Michael Lewis had a fabulous day with his Longs at Llanelli Canine Society Open Show where Trixhund Opium JW won the Hound Group & Trixhund Paddington Bear won the Hound Puppy Group under Afghan Hound Specialist Ken Andrew.  Opium then went all the way taking Best In Show under Cerys Davies (Ceranda Corgis). Lots of Dog Food, Champaigne & gifts were won too, it certainly looks like you took a lot more home than you went with, congratulations on such a great day!

It’s WELKS this weekend & unfourtunatly neither of our varieties have classes yet alone CCs. The next time both our varieties have CCs on offer will be at Birmingham National where Ron James has attracted 37 Longs & a change of judge for Min Longs, scheduled judge Bill Brown-Cole has withdrawn & had attracted 71, Kieth Thornton (Karnak Afghan Hounds) will now take over his entry.

Daniel Roberts


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