Katherine Herrington’s Smooth Dachshund Breed Notes 9/11/17

Eastern Counties Dachshund had a very good entry for their open show where Lisa Muggleton’s Min Smooth Mosiarto Miss Calculate won BIS under Judge Sue Seath (Sunsong Wires).
Thanks to Tina West for the results of  East Kent C/S open show.
In Min Smooths Tina’s Chocolate Chip to Trageeda won BOB & Hound group 2 &  RBOB. Tina’s  Best AVNSC puppy Hound puppy group 1 & Reserve BPIshow.
Judges were M/S David Clifton. AVNSC Sally Kimber, BIS David Hutchinson.
At Torquay & Dist  Brenda Jones’ Std Smooth Adnerbs Oh So Beau at her first show won BPIB & hound puppy 3, her older bitch Lexi won BOB.
Dawn Seago’s Std Smooth Amilda Aston has passed his GCDS silver  award, Dawn is so proud of her little man.
The Hound Breed Records Supplement for July to September 2017 has arrived. Once again the Min Smooth registrations are the highest in the Hound group, in this 3rd qtr of the year they have reached 4,055 (521 short of the 2016 total, so the way things are going next qtr will be more than last and they will be top of the Hound Group. Yet again they are way ahead of any of the other Hound breeds.
Two or three of the same names have appeared; 5 & 6 litters registered, each with large numbers in each litter (1 with 9 in) and an assortment of colours.
 The number of imports has increased 26 this Quarter.
 This is all very alarming; not good for our Min Smooths.
Smooths have increased a little; 2016 total was 285, at the moment they have reached 286.
A reminder that the Smooth Haired & Longhaired Dachshund Clubs are holding their Ch shows jointly on the 21st April/18. Venue the Sports Hall, Ryton-On-Dunsmore.
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